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Maureen Bower remembers the Fourth of July when she was fourteen: the day her father walked out of her life forever. She struggles with her fear of abandonment until Frank Russo enters her life. Together, they overcome family prejudices, separation, war, and loss. Their life becomes rich and full until the unthinkable happens. Maureen’s fear of abandonment rises to the surface and consumes her. Friends, family and ministers are helpless to lift her from her depression.

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About the Author

As a writer, Chuck Miceli lives by the motto, Variety is the spice of life. His co-authored text, Fire Behind Bars, was the first book in the U.S. to address deadly fires in prisons and jails and put him on the national stage as a speaker and consultant. During his government career, he wrote monographs, professional articles and training courses at the local, state and national level and then took an early retirement to pursue creative writing.

In 2012, he published his thriller, Amandas Room. He went on to serve as the editorial chair of Voices and Visions, the literary and arts journal of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UCONN. He has published a series of poems and short stories, including his award-winning poem, Miners Lament. This current novel, Wounded Angels, is a mainstream literary work. He also authored the play script based upon the book. His next project, Black Hell Drowning, is a multi-generational historical novel.

Chuck Miceli is the son of a coal miner from Pittston Pennsylvania. He grew up one of eleven children in the East New York section of Brooklyn New York. He served as a Staff Sergeant and platoon leader in the Marine Corps Reserves and lives with his wife, Judy, in suburban Connecticut.